Why WordPress

There are a boatload of platforms from which to build a website. We chose to specialize in one website platform and that is WordPress. WordPress has been around 10 years. My, how time does fly. In 2012 WordPress accounted for 14% of all new websites. In 2013 the WordPress platform is being used for 1 in 5 new websites. That’s 20%. Nice jump from last year. If you think of your website as a vehicle, then think of WordPress as the engine that powers your vehicle.

Let me explain why we chose WordPress. The main reason is that WordPress is an open source platform. Translated that means there are all sorts of experts contributing to WordPress Theme and Plugin development. As of right now there are over 2,100 free themes at the WordPress.org site, plus there are hundreds of premium (paid) themes already developed. Now think of themes as the body style that goes over your vehicle’s engine. It could be an SUV, convertible, sedan, or truck body style that comes in the color you choose.


Then there are the Plugins. Plugins are kind of like little programs that someone has written to do a specific task. These plugins get uploaded to your site and perform those specific tasks. Tasks like creating a site contact form so visitors can communicate with you, or a picture slider that allows you to showcase your best photos on your website. Think of Plugins as extras that increase the functionality of your vehicle…..like power windows, stereo, blue tooth, or spinning hubcaps. You get the idea. WordPress is a building block. Right now on the WordPress.org site alone there are over 27,000 free plugins, plus there are thousands more of premium (paid) plugins already developed. It means WordPress capabilities are constantly evolving.

WordPress has grown from a simple blogging platform to a very powerful content management platform. The big advantage we at Internet Marketing Assistance get from WordPress is that it allows us to maintain a marketing focus rather than a technical focus. Our clients really appreciate that.

Finally………we chose WordPress because it is very teachable. Many clients choose us because once we build their website it takes very little time on their part for us to teach them how to maintain their website going forward. Now that makes a lot of financial sense.

So there you have it…………….our reasons for choosing and staying with the WordPress Platform.