Affordable Websites

To us, affordable websites has all to do with where you are in life with your website needs.

Below are the affordable websites that we offer. However, as your business grows so will your need to expand website product offerings, create new content for pages/posts, and of course introduce videos.

To forge your way to page 1 of Google and other search engines, as well as stay there you will need both on-page and off-page SEO techniques performed for your website. You will also need to incorporate social media into your marketing plan to take advantage of traffic driving properties like Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Twitter. You may even want to ac celebrate your growth through a Pay Per Click advertising program.



Individual – a starter personal website with several pages for blogging and showcasing photographs. Starts @ $97 and includes domain name selection and 1 month free hosting.
Entrepreneur – a starter business website with essential pages needed to reinforce and showcase a business presence and a place for prospects to visit to learn more about your business. Starts @ $197 and includes domain name selection and 3 months free hosting.
Business – an advanced business website dedicated to lead generation, monetizing your site, and collecting visitor vitals for use in email campaigns, advanced newsletter programs, and possible membership tiers. Starts @ $1,397 and includes domain name selection and 6 months free hosting
E-Commerce – the ultimate business website is a full blown E-commerce site that interactively offers products for sale through a shopping cart, payment gateways, as well as shipping and taxing capabilities. Starts @ $4,997 and includes domain name selection and 1 year free hosting.
Existing – we can help you expand your existing WordPress site beyond where it is today to keep pace with your evolving business. We can do this on a quoted fee basis or at an hourly rate basis of $77 per hour prorated in quarter hour segments.
Pay Per Click – this form of driving prospects to your website revolves around your special Keywords, an ad budget, and small ads to attract prospects. The fee for jumpstarting a PPC program is $1,000