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I continually hear the same comment from my new clients. Pass your mouse over the “W” boxes to find out what they have to say.


The answers to these questions is what distinguishes Internet Marketing Assistance from other web design firms!


Personally…..Customer Service has driven my career.
Does that make me different ? You bet it does !


At the bottom of the page I’ve included a brief description of the process we’ll go through with you,
which I trust will provide you with a better understanding of how this all works,
knowing you may not need all those services; it’s just what we do.

When you select Internet Marketing Assistance……and once everything is successfully completed…..


We’re here to help you as your business grows and your web marketing needs change.


Finally……..if you want to maintain your website WE WILL COACH YOU and make that possible.
In interweb service, friendship, and business,
Tom (TR) Ryan
Internet Marketing Assistance


Marketing Strategy is where it all starts. We sit and talk about your goals and how developing a good internet marketing plan coupled with the right web site theme will help you meet your goals, both long and short term. This is where we nail down the level of web customer service you require.
Web Creation and Web Development is the anchor step. Here we select a web host and you are kept up to date weekly with our web and graphic design progress and web development progress. Your imprint is on the website because it’s your site.
Search Engine Optimization takes place at several points. It happens for each page and post as the site is developed. SEO also happens later with notifying search engines, directories, and social bookmarking sites. The objective here is to get to page one of Google.
Video Creation enhances your website and its attractiveness to search engines. They are perfect additions to pages and posts. I can’t place enough importance on content development for pages and creative posts. We are very good at copy writing.
Social Media and Adwords provides a whole new dimension to sending traffic to your website. These marketing programs are all part of monetizing your website.
Why can’t I get website customer service after my site is built ?
Where is my website person when I need them ?
When will I get a call back from my website person ?